Stephen Housing needs

Autistic friendly housing in Athens Georgia didn't work out with my family and specific needs. I'm getting back into RV drifter lifestyle that worked well for me up until the 2020 pandemic.

I'm focused heavily on my autism problems of housekeeping and keeping organized. For this reason I'm going to go Tractor-Trailer on the RV instead of an integrated van like I had until June 2022. The integrated van requires full packing before even driving a short trip to the grocery store and it conflicts with my autism Work Sleep Work mental patterns/flexibility. Sometimes I just need a short break like going out to lunch/dinner or a movie. Often just taking my laptop computer out to a bar from 2pm to 5pm (often cheap and relaxing times, not busy at bars with lunch or dinner crowd).

The tractor-trailer setup will allow me to drive my electric whenever I need by unhooking it from the trailer/living/work place and going out. This will allow me to return to RV lifestyle for years to come and be able to keep up with my mental health needs.