Reddit Autism Groups 2024

In the middle of 2023, Reddit social media site had a huge uproar over charging money for the API to alllow third-party application to use Reddit. A lot of users quit Reddit, and there were protests among moderators.

II stopped using Reddit in June but returned after October 7, 2023 war in the Middle East started.  And I found that the Reddit had drastically changed since the July 1, 2023 API protests.

Social media in general is a mess on all kinds of topics with Twitter takeover by Elon Musk, renaming Twitter to X int he same time period as the Reddit API change last year, etc.

I originally discussed autism on Wrong Planet forums back in 2008/2009, maybe it's time to seek out dedicated autism websites like that.  "General purpose" social media seems to have gone through system shocks in 2023.