Spending Vs. Receipts

I'm excellent at seeing the problem on a Pinball table and if it installed correctly. But I cannot explain to people effectively what needs to be fixed, no matter how much I study electrical engineering and integrated circuits. I just am not smart enough to verbally present and writing organize my ideas in a coherent fashion. So I'm stuck in frustration with my autism. I'm very good at shopping, mu father ran a RC Cola and Pepsi Canning plan in Indiana and he was an excellent chemist. He was far better at organizing than me and didn't have my brain damage. I can be a great comparison shopper on things I have time to learn, which is not classic domestic housing and raising children. Those areas I am terrible and even getting people I hire to understand my needs is an exercise in communication breakdown. And I'm not rich. If I get into allergy problems with my brain or abuse on the Internet social media, I have big time performance anxiety. It takes a lot of courage to tell a practices salesman they have made an error in their understanding of the technology. They can socially abuse me far more than average people.

Accounting and taxes are nearly impossible for me. They require a big reload of my mind and unloading other stuff. I can't ever get past this problem no matter how I slice or dice it. There is some junction in my brain that just resets. I can design forms and organize data flows, but when it involves my personal regrets and past mistakes with taxes and forgetting deductions or lost paperwork for a receipt, I go into anxiety. I have to have a bookkeeper and I would hand a shoebox of receipts... and even trying to do it on computer seems to give me dread. I would often get checks with money as gifts for holiday and not even cash them due to the anxiety of making a mistake. All the society focus on being wealthy just makes me worry I'm doing the wrong choices. Which business idea will be big in 2 years when I've completed my project? Some things I can predict really well like trends of one nation vs another, other things likes sports and fashion trends they bewilder me and I can't even keep up with them. I have to unload parts of my mind in that weak area and it has corruption.