IRS Business vs Personal

This page is a branch off of Work Sleep Work

The IRS wants you to split personal from business on space and assets. As outlined on the page Changing Tasks - loading and unloading stuff from my autistic mind can make this tricky. Hyperfocus makes me only able to juggle a couple tasks - and entering and exiting tasks often requires a major geographic scene change. Like going on holiday or a change of seasons/climate.

ToDo writing; Lighthouse keeper autism adult I found in 2010 that made a lot of sense as to my work/lifestyle choices working for customer and my own privately owned consulting company (IPCoast, Inc) from 1999 to 2010.

I've really been struggling since my father died at age 82 in early 2018. My father was a scientist (chemist from Ohio State) and he related to my book writing and scientific attitudes better than anyone else in the family. I really declined and made the wrong choices with my Winnebego Travato (the red van you see on Facebook). My first wife Tristan was the best organizer I could hope for when my autism was unknown/undiagnosed - and she did amazing feats with the first 5 RV's of all shapes and sizes. The Travato integrated van also conflicts with IRS/tax rules about mixing personal and business and I could not keep up with organization and it ended in disaster. I was trying to house hunt and even had a solar battery for my desired house... but I just couldn't cope with finding a community that was older-adult friendly. I ended up having one of my storage units burn in a fire and then stolen (double loss) the surviving assets. This only added to my anxiety about business receipts, health records, and business project parts I lost.

I'm starting fresh January 3, 2023 - the anniversary of my new consulting firm Wake Reality from January 3, 2017. I'm going tractor-trailer decouple from the start. I've never done an RV trailer or 5th-wheel. Now I'm embracing it and will get multiple trailers in multiple locations if that helps me keep my sanity with autism-related organizational problems.