Work Sleep Work

  1. Changing from Work to Sleep patterns of when I can focus and use my memory varies. it depends on the media I use to watch and relax, such as movies or songs. It depends on noises and conversations i encounter throughout the day. A single phone call can reset my brain and make a full work day suddenly have me exhausted.

  2. i can binge work for 36 hour sessions on computer projects because it's all in my brain and I got the pattern of ideas arranged. But it takes a lot of prep and often having actual travel and experience to associate with my ideas so I can all recall and organize them. Brainstorming in the good way.

  3. Some nights no matter how tired I am, I can't sleep. Alcohol can help reset the brain, but has other health effects so I mostly avoid this as a solution. My mother had to pretty much have a drink every day to relax. So it must run in the brains of the family.. I absolutely never drink and drive and am paranoid about hurting someone else, so i always had to plan just how much to drink to be able to take a bus home from across the city or wherever, it took a lot of effort to have fun as I am often friendless and don't have someone to take care of me. Social outings have to have me ready for a big adventure and plenty of space freed up in my mind and not worrying about work or survival needs.

  4. Changing tasks while traveling for buiness to keeping receipts was such a pain, I worked for the richest people in the world and didn't even turn in receipts and used my own credit cards to pay for some travel items. Just because paperwork was so difficult for me. Being questioned on my choices and decision making on food, drinks, such. Trying to do my taxes while living overseas was a total nightmare. It corrupted my ability to do it practically forever. I enjoyed meeting people and eating food overseas, watching movies overseas, grocery shopping and seeing computer shops and mobile phone shops in other parts of the world - but the packing of my luggage and unpacking it, the keeping my business stuff in order while working, was a nightmare.

  5. All attempts to use color coding, put it in the right comer vs. left, ends up not working. Even if i do have routines, they get damaged in my memory if they are physical real things in the real world that I personally have to take care of. I get recall on the day of purchasing the item or some other personal experience of that day and and my mind can go into an emotion of what happened good or bad on that day. It's exhausting.

  6. I was fired in August 1999 from a job I had held for 2.5 years due to having autism burnout But I didn't learn about having autism until 10 years later. I find that 2.5 years is a number that pops up and I've done better moving to another city or nation and job change was when I thrived. But I no longer have the ability to manage my money and paperwork to keep up with travel and even paid work.

  7. It was after August 1999 that I stooped working in Highrise corporate offices entirely. I had a VW camper van and November 1999 I went to Lake Havasu City Arizona for the winter to get out of Seattle's winter rain season causing me seasonal depression. Since August 1999 I've worked from home, home always changing from place to place.

  8. I'm a slob, disorganized, and unable to houseclean to save my life. It irritates the hell out of my wives and divorced after 13 years together the first time.

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