Peanut Gallery

My father would use that term once in a while, and I was a big fan of the Peanuts metaphors as a child.

Who am I? I'm both Spike and Pigpen.

Pigpen holding a quote written on paper, like I post quotes here on this webpage in my messy style. And maybe Pigpen turning in his tax paperwork or receipts to accounting.

We named our childhood dogs "Snoopy' and then 'Spike'. I'm much more Spike, I am NOT Joe Cool. When I get dizzy and allergic reactions, I behave like Woodstock and have trouble landing and getting up. Loopy.
And I like Snappy fighting the Red Barron in the World War. But I prefer we solve the problems with cartoon shows instead of real guns, I'm pretty idealistic in terms of using art and information systems to solve problems instead of brute force rushing when things get sticky. I slow down when things get tough to try and maintain mental control, but it's very irritating to other people tht I'm like Spike and slow and standing next to a cactus.