Computers But Not Video Games

I'm around computers day and night, but do not enjoy video games. Stimulation overload and I prefer far more to travel and move cities in the real world. I've traveled a lot and lived in 5 different RV's for over 9 full years *started with a VW camper in late 1990's). Sadly, my travel ended with the pandemic, as my autism has become unmanageable and I had a stress mental breakdown on Thanksgiving 2019 and I've never recovered my ability to travel.

I can't build good automatic reflexes with my autism. I have to think and command each movement. So looking at a screen and reacting with a modern multi-button game control is kind of exhausting to me. Like driving a car used to be when I was able to drive. I'd have to program my brain for driving and rest up, then I would binge drive for 18 or 20 hours. Doing a daily commute of 1 hour is nightmarish to me and that's why I work at home since 1999. Home often being an RV so I always could pull over if I got too stressed. I had my kitchen and could wait out traffic jams. I actually prefer driving stick shuft/manual transmissions because I hear all the noises and such and don't get pissed at sloppy automatic transmissions. ha. I can see a hill coming ahead and know to change the gear, but an automatic transmission in the old days didn't have vision to see ahead half a mile and anticipate the gear change.