1. To change tasks I have to unload knowledge in my brain and often re-learn it from an outside source. I remember stuff, but it gets rearanged and confuseed. So going from computer programming to house cleaning has me forget important and essential things. Note taking becomes a physical handwriting problem and pain. When typing computer stuff, I'm able to practice it so frequently and work with all 10 fingers with my eyes closed with a good qualiy keyboard. But even then, I regulary misfire my fingrs in the wrong order. I will type "frank" "frnak" where my right hand types the "n" to quickly before the left had has done the "a". f-r-n-a-k in the wrong sequene. I have the same problems with spenning and handwriting. I've tried hundred keyboards in my life, and the problem always appears no matter how I adjust and I just have to try and predict the brain failure and not get too frustrated.

    Working with physical items in the house, carrying boxes or trying to organize things on shelves, I see too many possible ways to do it and my mind can't seem to pick good ways. I end up making mistakes or getting frustrated no matter how I do it. Trying to put dishes away from a dishwaher when I'm a guest at someone's houe takes me like 50 different days of doing it before I don't make moer than a few mitakes. Memory will degrade and I will walk into a room I've used 100 times before and I will go the wrong side of the room to open a dabinet to put trash in the can or get a glass from the shelf. I can see the damage in my brain once it happens, but I can't anticipate it without spending a huge efforot and trying to relax my body intensely. Rushing me just has me like the tin man in the wizard of oz all wired wrong.