Two Way Verbal Conversations

  1. or even more than two way. Such as a room where music is playing at the same time as talking or mulltiple people talking, or especially if someone talks at the same time I'm trying to speak. I often have to pause and recall words while speaking and people think I'm done instead of just having langauage issues. I have trouble memorizing.

    Writing on the computer like I am now for composing this webpage I have many of the same problems. But I can edit it and try to fix mistakes, but I have to want to re-read it the next day, and it becomes depressing that my writing isn't very clear or has organization problems where people don't understand me.

  2. I've tried learning other languages besides English and have lived in South America for 12 months in one city trying to earn Spanish. But It's nearly impossible for me to remember it and I get it all mixed up. With computers, i try to be as fast as possible using translation tools and such and it goes pretty well. One of my favorite ways is to use Wikipedia and change between the languages. Often there is different content on the other language pages, seeing an outsider's perspective.

  3. Telephone calls with any kind of lag or delay confuse the hell out of me.

  4. I have rather strong ringing in the ears, tinnitus.. Some days it is high pitch, other days not. Sometimes mostly right ear other times it's equally loud in both. I can sort of sense my mental pain level and hear it change. I struggle through it, or I wouldn't even be able to ask for help to survive. I am a burden.

  5. I am the worst speller and I get grammar wrong, even automated tools that correct this jam me up. When I write books an English editor does wonders with my patterns of problems. I was constantly scolded and having to even retake English in summer school due to spelling tests and handwriting problems. I did not know about autism where I went to public high school from 1984-1988 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was a social awkward wierdo who didn't like sports. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't keep spelling rules in any way that worked. I just type fast and then try to use good word processor to spot the errors. Re-reading the next day often helps, especially months later, but it's tedious to see how you would have written things different on another day, organizing which idea you present first.