Experience, lots

I have a lot of travel and variety experience because I'm curious and I can't find where I fit in without annoying people.

I prefer to share books and quotes because everyone criticizes my communication choices of my own. So I've learned through a lot of experience to just point to page in a book or post a link or provide a quote. But this also annoys people. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. So organizing all this website and tons of information is to demonstrate that I've tried to not be a burden and annoyance,, I just keep failing.

I'm ike a house of cards of or a bunch of batteries all charging at different rates and I can't figure out the balance no matter what I do I'm exhausted. So trying to stay out of everybody else's way and be useful about what I seem certain of is the best I can..

Now where I don't hake experience is having children and good family relationships. I just can't achieve it.