More People Autism

More people in 2023 are diagnosed with autism than in 2003, why the change?

I do not hear people face up to the fact that human beings, the animal homo spaians, that we are have changed a lot.

I think lifestyle change triggers (discover of/expression of) it. Much more media consumption (including video games) in 2023 than in 1983... much more stimulation of sounds, visual, etc

I think people who lived mostly alone on a farm didn't struggle with the social as much as office work and constant Internet communications. And driving a car, I think societies where you have to drive your own car put more stress on autism, especially if it is in regular traffic vs. open roads.

And let me be clear; I am not saying that these things CAUSE autism. I'm saying that we are exposing ourselves to things that we do not know, we have become much more information / Internet driven in our lives, and we lack self-awareness that our biology wasn't made for it. We just assume that since some people thrive in this Information / Internet driven world that everyone should.

Needs editing.