Words of Autistics like me in Support Groups

Adult Autism rarely gets attention.... even though autism is a lifelong disorder that can only be managed, not cured or eliminated. A ton of focus on parents trying to raise autism children... but not so much for adults age 21 and over. Here are some support group messages that resonate with my personal experience .

  1. nobody ever listens to me.

  2. Have you ever been treated like you are that - like you are 'deaf'?

  3. How do the neurotypical (non autistic) people have so much to text about?

  4. Do you get along with other ND people?

  5. I wish their was such thing as reverse hearing aids

  6. Autism Treatment Shifts Away from ‘Fixing’ the Condition

  7. does anyone else find it relatively easy to keep friends that you are in forced proximity with but fail at keeping in touch otherwise?

  8. It's "Christmas Songs for an Entire Month in Most Anglophone Nations" Month. Who has their bunker ready?

  9. Do your autistic-characteristics get worse the older you get?

  10. What are your thoughts on capitalizing the word "Autistic"?

  11. Happy stimming so much rn

  12. Hey, Genpop...

  13. I think I've figured out why I'm starting to really resent most advice I get from allistic people.

  14. What was I talking about again?

  15. Cooking can feel overwhelming at times

  16. Tell me everything you know about how to sleep

  17. What is autism+ADHD like without depression/anxiety?

  18. I'm not exactly great at processing and understanding my emotions

  19. Had a bit of a “Yeah we are all a bit autistic…” reaction today.

  20. Is it a common thing to end up speechless and end up saying nothing?

  21. needing to make people laugh, etc

  22. What kind of relationship do you have with your parents?

  23. Observations on autism and self-development in the workplace

  24. Seeking fellow analytical info-dumpers who'd like to discuss special interests

  25. Should I apply for disability? Why or why not?

  26. Why do people often reply to me with "But that is a good thing!" like i told them something bad?

  27. Anyone else notice physical actions taking active mental effort?

  28. I don't think you understand... NO ONE stops me from infodumping! No one!

  29. It seems like no matter how hard I try to stay positive and do my best, things just are not working out for me.

  30. My misophonia (severe aversion to certain noises) is tearing apart my family.

  31. Getting overwhelmed with verbal information

  32. Where Do Autistic Adults Go if They Can't Take Care of Themselves and Have No Family Able To Do it?

  33. Why does no one see us?

  34. Autistic people don't just research; we hunt.

  35. Reluctantly asked psych if she could help me find out if I’m autistic, and she told me that adults never get diagnosed and that there is no treatment, thus no point.

  36. Trying not to feel like my life is FUBAR

  37. I just realized people were mocking me for years

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