Context Switching Burnout

Deception, misinformation, lies - really foul up my mind. Politicians, PR talk, deliberate distortion of truth to manipulate.

From a Facebook posting I made about AI chatbots. Large Language Models (LLM) in March 2023.


I personally can not cope with advertising, marketing, propaganda and effort made to manipulate and trick people. False advertising, emotional manipulation by those selling or scamming, almost every politician relies on this tactic and nobody stand up to lies and deception that are systemic, systems of liars. The methods of Edward Bernays and Cambridge Analytica sicken me, befuddle my brain why so few in humanity do not resist this manipulation.

In February and March 2023 what I have seen is how people are rushing to praise #ChatGPT without seeing the lies, deception that it provides. The misinformation, the confident-sounding bullshit it spews out. It is being trained, and it is being taught. #OpenAI has it give disclaimers and warnings about hate-speech, but then it gladly spews out factually incorrect information without warning - only when pressed in chat does ChatGPT admit it is bullshit.

It is as if modern people do not see the risk of putting power into politicians and information sources that deceive groups. That systems, organized systems, of lies and deception are not a threat. That's what Stalin and World War 2 were all about. Anti-sincerity, anti-truth, anti-goodness.

If the audience to ChatGPT doesn't care that a system is generating fiction and claiming it is true - is it already too late? Have everyday people become so enamored with the junk on the Internet, the terrible TV networks that claim they are "news", the politicians who lie and deceive - that they are welcoming a new generation of 'leaders' for their children to help learn in school? Liars as teachers - ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing?