TV Series I share

  1. AMC's Halt and Catch Fire about writing a Commodore BBS system like I did in 1985 in high school (ZBBS)... and going to Dallas then the West Coast in the computer industry. The family breakdown and untreatable brain damage topics also relate to me with the father figure character. I also wored with IBM during those years, and I ran a hot rod computer shop designing high performance PC's for cheap in Fort Wayne.

  2. Joseph Campbell / former White House staffer Bill Moyers, Power of Myth. A 72 year old teacher of religion who had no background in computers made these statement in 1986 about computers: #1 A lot of Rules and No Mercy and elsewhere in the series #2 Quote ::: I have had a revelation from my computer about mythology. You buy a certain software, and there is a whole set of signals that lead to the achievement of your aim. If you begin fooling around with signals that belong to another system of software, they just won't work. Similarly, in mythology -- if you have a mythology in which the metaphor for the mystery is the father, you are going to have a different set of signals from what you would have if the metaphor for the wisdom and mystery of the world were the mother. And they are two perfectly good metaphors. Neither one is a fact. These are metaphors. It is as though the universe were my father. It is as though the universe were my mother. Jesus says, "No one gets to the father but by me." The father that he was talking about was the biblical father. It might be that you can get to the father only by way of Jesus. On the other hand, suppose you are going by way of the mother. There you might prefer Kali, and the hymns to the goddess, and so forth. That is simply another way to get to the mystery of your life. You must understand that each religion is a kind of software that has its own set of signals and will work. :::

  3. I was a Roadie for SAP America in Philadelphia and did Windows NT beta for Sapphire Trade show in Orlando.