The elimination of Aspergers Syndrome and merging into a spectrum - and so much disconvrt society has with mentally retarded, brain disorders, etc

there is a dark side to all this that you see regularly. You see inconsistent trainng and knowledge in the medical professionals leading people on social media to grossly oversimplify a complex thing - the human brain and human behaviors. Which are extremely complicated. And so many want to overlook the Nazi Germany origins of autism i the first place, that hate was ued as a way to eliminate people who were mentally different, as subhuman.

The dark dark comments of social media

  1. Has the term masking begun to lose alot of meaning?

the most sickening part of this conversation is tah a "disorer other than autis disorder id discussed, but with not one citation, reerence, or detail. Just that "they don't have autism disorder, they have xxx disorder".. How does this clarify things? What criteria of the week for autism diagnosis is being applied. This is classic social media gatekeeping.

"On the last point, what i was trying to say is people didn't have traits in childhood and only really developed their traits as a teenager

As in, they weren't masking they just well....didn't have traits and devloped a Disorder later in life

Hope that makes it clearer

It is true though, many of us did mask in childhood but we still did have our traits, we just hid them kinda well"

And another point to make - if you had a (undefined) personality disorder, masking isn't possible? Why does "masking" have to ONLY be for autistic people. You think all kinds of mental disorders or even different religious people don't have to mask? Is homosexuals "coming out of the closet" also not "unmasking". It's this need to make autism diagnosis the king of the world - and ignore human being,s gatekeeping. It's decrimination against other people in the name of their beloved autism-only group. Clasic out-group hate as described by Joseph Campbell in Power of Myth.

This is what 2023 autism communties are like. Constant debate over what autism is and what autism is not. Nobody cares that there are homeless and people unable to afford food, they just sit on social media talking about who is and who is not autistic to get into their club.

Richard Feuynman, a media star and scientist, talked about this kind of behavior with groups and uniforms and spending endless time trying to categorize people.

Are people supposed to have thier whole life vieotaped so they can show their pre-teenage years. There are autistic people not even diagnosed until age 60, this all sounds like social emdia gatekeeping. I am a lifelong expert on social media, and I've seen how much since 2014 this kind of tribal chaos and hate toward outsiders has become normalized. Hypernormalization is a whole topic to study.

There is also no understanding that teenage years in USA are not the same as teenage years in North Africa. This Reddi social media group is very culturally narrow and has no clue about autism history (Nazi) and how it's treated and managed in other cultures. Even within the USA different economic classes and school systems present a huge difference in how people are bullied and treated by th medical community. The whole social media discussion of "x disorder vs. y disorder' (autism disorder vs. "the other" disorders) just can't se how subjective the whole diagnosis is. It isn't a genetic bloodiest, it's observations.

The information flow is the only explanation the the example of someone being diagnosed at y0. I am an expert on information flow in society and systems, including global societies and interchange between different religions.

I know that in 1981 the German text from the Nazi work was translated and that is why Asperger's Syndrome became such a thing after 1981. That's properly mentioned in Quotes And Quotes page here.

This needs editing, I can not wrie this in a popular way, but the online community is full of gatekeeping and other social media chaos.