At Church Summer Camp I got exposed to poison ivy or one of the poison plants and I had such a severe allergic reaction to it that I was hospitalized and had to get heavy duty shots. I like the woods and stuff, but I have to be aware that even bug bites and mold problems set me off. And I'm a terrible housekeeper, to boot. At least when I travel the world in hotels I get bottles of bleach and clean the bathrooms, but my own living space I get distracted about what I'm reading and can't focus on cleaning and end up boing back to books to try and understand what I had read the page before. I sometimes have to read books 3 tims, it's difficult. Medical journals and autism literature is hard reading especially, so much social constructs that are true in USA but not true in the Middle East, EU (Cyprus), Indonesia/Malaysia,, South America and Africa - where I have all lived.

  1. March 17, 2022 released from psychiatric hospital in Colorado Springs

  2. December 1, 2022. released from hospital in Georgia