Family Relationships

My friendships and family relationship skills are very poor and I'm often in conflict with my family on scheduling and being able to take care of myself and needing help.

Annoying the family by not being able to visually watch sports or keep up with the time required to load all the names and faces into my brain and still try to be a useful member of society is a serious problem I have. People don't understand why I can't keep up with housekeeping and home repairs or appointments because of the environment changes and I'm having to think through all the mental pathways to avoid conflicts.. I grate on all my family and they have no trouble telling me I'm difficult and keeping me away.

I've elected to not have children and this has turned into a conflict in my marriages where my wife thinks I can manage it. But I have so much problems dealing with social relationships of my own that I feel raising a child would be bad parenting. And this dos not give me a topic to talk about with the rest of my family which have all had children. It makes me odd, inexperienced and unable to deal often with the loud noises and chaos of children. I don't hate anyone, I just have to spend a ton of mental energy keeping my brain pains from getting out of control.
I have troubles with names and faces and birthdays and waht to get and what not to get to a point of being hopeless and unable to try. Attempts to get gifts for family often turns into a conflict as people just want me to take care of my own problems. Even things like neatly wrapping presents and preparing nice food I get lost in unloading and loading information into my brain and can be inconsistent.

What's comfortable to me and avoiding sensory issues often makes me out of fashion, outdated, or odd looking. I'm not cool.