Incidents and Accidents

I purchased a folding electric bike to use in my RV at the start of the pandemic. It was $550 and could collapse to fit in my van. But it just sat there for 18 months because I couldn't get brain to not end up i a wreck without health insurance and needing help. Exercise wears out the thinking about each step and choice. So many mistakes and going further than I could carry water or something I need, too much calculations to do.

I'm going as fast as I can to explain all that I've read, tried, and how i'm not trying to be lazy. I'm just exhausted all the time. My brothers can't understand my communication inadequices and struggles. I suck.

Denis Oxford in Autism, Texas. He was a great friend of mine and was a military guy with Linux support. I'd come from the Microsoft Bill Gates side. Bill Gates bailing out his competitor Steve Jobs at Apple was an insane business choice when Microsoft needed that money on bug fixes for Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0. After seeing how Bill Gates hired me off the street to fix Paul Allen's servers and Bill Gate's dad's servers... I started to believe Paul Allen about how difficult and mean Bill Gates was to people. So I went Ubuntu Linux. Microsoft Halloween Papers. When I found out years later that Bill Gates attacked IBM Team OS/2 on social media with sabotage, that was me at the Indy 500 Team OS/2 gold awards. Anyway, back to Dennis Oxford: He let me crash at his house and I even spent Thanksgiving with his family. Then I had an allergic reaction to the pollen in the fall in Austin, cedar pollen, and I tried to have him wreck his car. From that point forward, I tried to do everything I could to avoid endangering my family and having any loss of control. Denis never forgave me and I lost one of my only good friends in this world who was great with Linux. Denis Oxford also has a Mexicans wife and and dyslexia reading/writing problems but he excelled in defending the USA against terrorism and Russians. Dennis even let me use his house for my business mail when a P.O. box wouldn't take care of and you needed a physical street address. I had catalytic converter stolen off my Toyota 4Runner and the sheriff even came to Dennis House looking for me because they wanted me to testify in court in persecution of the thefs because I had made the most detailed police reeport. Dennis was cool about the sherrif coming looking for me. I was afraid of law offices and red tape paerwork and testifying and making any errors in communication. So I had to beg the police not to use me as a witness. Same when I was put up for jury duty at Denis Oxford's address... I had to say I was out of town and Denis was cool with that. But my meltdown over Thanksgiving and going crazy in the car from autism sensory overload - that ended our friendship forever and I still have unanswered emails in my gmail trying to explain my mental disorders and how I didn't mean to ever ruin a Thanksgiving again. Dennis Oxford is a Roman Catholic (which the Mexicans often are) and was supportive of my marriage to a Muslim in Africa with my Ubuntu ideals. But my autism was too much t deal with and he ended our friendship. Denis even had me come to his Catholic church to film a funeral with a camera because there had been some car wredk. He knew I liked Mythology experiences and different religion systems study. We had some good times until my brain damage caused problems and confusion from overstimulation and allergic reactions. I was in a Catholic Boy Scout troop so I knew my way around pretty well with the rituals.

While living in the EU - Larnaca Cyprus, I went wandering around town on foot and bus to explore food and Greek writing and signs. So, I run into these locals who knew a little English hanging out in a cul-de-sac or something near their house. Started talking to them. the girlfriend of the guy started talking to me more and more about working for Paul Allen and music project and my first failed marriage. The boyfriend there started getting aggressive and i had to call Greek police and run through a field. I caused a public disturbance and could have easily be arrested and in jail. I didn't know Greek, I felt like a stupid Americans traveler who couldn't understand the customs, and I had no translator or lawyer or anything to help me. They knew the hotel I was staying at, that I was alone. It is a war zone there, divided land, Muslims vs. EU in that country and i had no idea if they hated Americans or not. The guy could have hated Microsoft Windows, my autism manners, my eye contact, my freedom to travel. I could just see him reaching for a knife. And I hate calling the police on people given the encounters I've had with the law. I also got really excited at the hotel bar with the live music and almost got kicked out of my hotel. I was barely holding myself together due to culture shock and allergy issues with the cheap can food I was eating. i drank a lot of wine to cope, it was high quality and dirt cheap. I picked this city because reviews were good and it was only like 1 hour flight from Amman Jordan where i was doing social media surveillance work and research and Rajaa had to return to her family for a month or so in Algeria. Oh yha, tax problems, the embassy in Amman and getting Rajaa an ITIN number so I could pay my taxes and claim her as my wife. What a red tape nightmare. IRS rejected the application and the only purpose of it is the PAY them, she gets zero benefits and can not step foot into the USA. But we have a Texas marriage license despite her never having been in the USA. Trying to keep records of my travel and keep my luggage in order makes travel a lot of pain in the ass. I even tried special backpacks and YouTube videos from Rick Steves. Rajaa was too scared to help me pack my bags with my autism manners and communication. I needed help and she wasn't my maid.